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good god. frikinik

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Game of Thrones Cast React to the Purple Wedding

omg liam. ahahaha. 

…not quite sure i agree with rory there, though. i don’t think sandor hated joffrey? he was his bodyguard for his entire life. but… yeah idk.

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Omg. I’m almost crying about this while on this public bus. I really just cannot.

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jesus christ. i missed this. ahahaha. golden.

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if they can do weirdo surreal scenes like this, why couldn’t they do a flashback to the tower of joy? it could have been creatively done to make it ~obscure and mysterious~ :P

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yeah… it was weird that balon was one of the kings in the dwarf war because he’s not dead yet, is he? BUT WHEN HE DOES THAT MEANS EURON IS COMING :3 :3 :3 AND I’M SO EXCITED FOR THAT. even though this is the worst show and i hate it and they’ll probably shit all over him because that’s what they do. 

but aw <3 stannis. usin’ penis blood leeches to kill the kings. 

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mummy and daddy to the rescue.

i think this is probably jaime’s reaction more because “oh god the king is dying”, because i can’t see him being that upset over what he’s described as basically cum in cersei’s vag. 

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Friendly Reminder to Show Writers about Selyse 


"Eastwatch is not safe." The queen put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. "This is the king’s true heir.  Shireen will one day sit the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms. She must be kept from harm, and Eastwatch is where the attack will come…" ADWD

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hahaha ohgod.

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