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"Wait, that came out all wrong… What I meant to say was, you’re very welcome, wanna go grab some ale later? Hey, where are you go—well, shit."

I just spit coffee all over my computer screen because of the tag:
#the hound’s disastrous flirting techniques
The Seven bless you, katemarzullo!



"Wait, that came out all wrong… What I meant to say was, you’re very welcome, wanna go grab some ale later? Hey, where are you go—well, shit."

I just spit coffee all over my computer screen because of the tag:

The Seven bless you, katemarzullo!

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"I'm mostly stoked for the next season because there's no way the producers are smart enough to realize that The Darkstar is a total clown and he's gonna be in extra scenes and get all the gravitas and they'll think he's awesome and I am all about that"


If he’s cast, I would not be at all surprised to see this. If he’s cast. Though I would adore if they did it so that he’s introed as, like, Oberyn v2, and then you realize very shortly that he’s a complete tool. But as you say, it’s hard to imagine them being that subtle. ;)

hahaha. darkstar is such a wang. 

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Fics that portray Sandor Clegane as a rapist - especially fics in which he rapes Sansa of all people - make my blood boil like no other. 

It shows a pathetic understanding of Sandor Clegane’s character and no appreciation for him what-so-ever.

Hell even Jaime Lannister knew Gregor was the monster of the Clegane family, not Sandor.

what do you mean even jaime, though? like. the cleganes were sworn to house lannister. 

p. sure jaime would probably know better than most people seeing as he’s probably spent rather a lot of time with them both. 

especially since. y’know. sandor was basically joffrey’s nanny and spent a shitload of time in king’s landing around the kingsguard. they probably know each other quite well

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araphiel said:

"And what about Sarella=Alleras, what do you think she's looking to learn in the Citadel? Oh man, all these plots in the Citadel are so exciting!!! :D"


I think Sarella’s just at the Citadel to become a maester, like her father once attempted. (Though she won’t dilettante-ly give up like Oberyn did.) From what Arianne remembers of her, she was always curious and interested in learning:

Sarella turned over rocks, brushed sand off the mosaics, and wanted to know everything there was to know about the people who had lived here.

But only men can be maesters, thus her disguise as Alleras. She’s got no other reason for subterfuge — she’s told nothing but truth about herself (her mother is a Summer Islander trading captain, her father’s from Dorne), all except her gender.

Basically the only thing Sarella wants out of the Citadel is an education. Which makes her one of the more awesome characters, to me. :) I mean, it’s possible she wants to use her education to avenge her father’s death (because a Sand Snake is a Sand Snake, even the nerdiest of them), but she was there before Oberyn died and she’s still there, so I think learning is her biggest priority.

But yes, I greatly look forward to Sam’s chapters in TWOW. Things should be interesting in Oldtown, let me tell you.


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Nah, I’m pretty sure pushing children to their death is the wrong move 100% of the time???

It is wrong yes. But the choice was Bran or his own kids, himself and his lover. So what you’re telling me is that if you, your lover, and your three children. You know sweet Myrcella and little Tommen who loves his kittens were in danger. You wouldn’t even think about it? Kids you don’t know are worth more to you than your own family?

I envy your black and white morality. 

Also yes Jaime does regret it?

"The things I do for love" he said with loathing

"I don’t regret loving you only the things I’ve done to hide it." 

To quote Ned Stark, y’know, Mr Honour 270AC

If it came to that, the life of some child I did not know against Robb and Sansa and Arya and Bran and Rickon, what would I do! Even more so, what would Catelyn do, if it were Jon’s life, against the children of her body!He did not know. He prayed he never would.” 

And knowing Ned Stark and how much he despises Jaime, to be honest I think he does know. 

It’s not that pushing a kid out of a window is okay, but considering the situation Jaime was faced with, his options were somewhat limited. 

AGREED.  Also, let’s not forget that, when Jaime confesses/explains what he did to Bran while he’s in captivity at Riverrun, CATELYN STARK, BRAN’S MOTHER WHO LOVES THE SHIT OUT OF THAT LITTLE KID, CATELYN STARK WHO SAT BY BRAN’S BEDSIDE FOR DAYS ON END AND GRABBED A DAGGER WITH HER BARE FUCKING HANDS WHEN SOMEONE CAME TO THREATEN HER BABY BOY…even CATELYN FUCKING STARK kind of understood what Jaime was saying about protecting his lover/family.  If Catelyn can sort of kind of follow Jaime’s line of “reasoning”, then we shouldn’t have a problem getting down from our high horses and doing the same. 

also, attempted murder ≠ actual murder. just sayin’.

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In which Ned Stark hoards children and I’m sure he’d take Gendry Waters in, if he could have. 

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Stannis and Shireen Baratheon

(Requested by anonymous.)

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 A spring was born from the blood and fire of the dead wolves. The fury of Robert Baratheon’s broken heart echoed through the people who lived a decade hunted by the Mad King. The dragon prince had kidnapped the blue rose and so Robert’s Rebellion begun.

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I saw a lot of Alayne stuff here but how could Alayne even be a thing in the show when SANSA’S NAME IS SAID BY HERSELF OR OTHERS LIKE TWICE BY EPISODE. How can Arya’s identity struggle could even be a thing too when she said herself “I’m Arya of House Stark” like 2 episodes ago. Where are the complex and multidimensional characters that are making ASOIAF one of the greatest thing ever ? Gone at the hands of D&D

Jaime is this guy who was a villain but now he’s on the path of redemption and maybe he raped his sister but that wasn’t rape anyway what a good guy he is now heart in my eyes such a hero

Sansa was a naive girl but she’s manipulating anyone in two days wow badass and to show that she’s so dark and smart let’s her have a very dark dress

Arya was a troubled little girl looking for her family and justice but now she’s just an assassin crossing names off her list and when she’s not killing she’s laughing because she’s nothing but a psychopath right 

Oberyn was this exotic bisexual stranger talking either about sex or vengeance but mostly sex and let’s give Tyrion a 10 minutes speech about beetles instead of a longer scene for Oberyn’s fight because we don’t care about anything but the gore at the end 

Jon was this grumpy handsome boy who didn’t talk but now he’s talking nobody is listening to him the poor boy and wait are you saying that he has lost almost his whole family and his love and was badly physically injured and emotionally conflicted and damaged what on earth are you talking about 

Cersei lol dis bitch who cares only about her dead crazy son but oops maybe she’s too much of a villain so we’re gonna do a scene when she’s making everyone sad by telling sad stories about her little girl being in Dorne

oh the wildlings do you mean these savages who don’t speak but kill everyone they see i mean who the fuck cares about the wildling way of life and costumes they are just beasts and the enemies of the Night’s Watch the real bad guys right we don’t have to know their point of view they can’t even talk anyway ; by the way Ygritte ooh she’s so much darker but a little bit too much we still want people to root for her and Jon so we’re gonna make her spare a woman and her babe AW SUCH A GOLDEN HEART

Daenerys wait is Daenerys even here this season oh yeah i remember i think she’s the girl who says the same speech about slavery every two episodes and what is she also doing ughhhh ah yes sex and talking about sex with her cute friend how cute is Missandei/Grey Worm though awww i ship it so hard but oh wait shit we have to do something else what about Jorah’s betrayal in 5 minutes top wow so great we rock and did you talk about a kiss that was supposed to happen 1 season ago lol have we read the same book there’s no such thing

but Tyrion OH TYRION let’s write a 10 minutes speech by episode for Tyrion also let’s make his trial half of an episode and who the fuck cares if it rushes Sansa building Winterfell in the Eyrie or Oberyn seeking justice by killing the Mountain aka two of the most important scenes in the book WHO CARES AS LONG AS THE FAN FAVOURITE HAS LONG AND DEEP SCENES he’s really the only one who matters anyway lol

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